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Top Destinations in Austria

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Often dwarfed by its imposing neighbors, visitors to Austria are amazed by the time it takes to properly tour this country. From the cultural treasures of Vienna to the scenic perfection of the Tyrol, destinations in Austria are varied and stunning.

Vienna the capital of Austria

parliament fo Austria in ViennaThere’s something magical about Vienna the capital of Austria – the same city that produced Falco and Schubert also became the chosen home of Mazort, Brahms and Beethoven. The sheer splendor of its architecture and abundant greenery lend it the air of a place caught in time but don’t be fooled for it’s very much a contemporary city living in the here and now. The Palaces, Abbeys, Opera houses, cafes and museums will keep you busy during the days but don’t let them exhaust you for there’s some exceptional music and food waiting to fill your evenings.


salzburg hohensalzburg fortressSwarming with tourists, Salzburg will help you comprehend why clichés are so popular. From cobbled streets to a skyline of spires, from a picturesque Old Town to lavish vistas, this destination in Austria has it all and positively revels in it. When the crowds begin to crowd you, borrow a bicycle and escape into the countryside to discover an unknown abbey or lose yourself in the watery delights of the Hellbrunn Palace – you will come to realize soon why Salzburg gets as crowded as it is.

St. Gilgen

saint gilgen austriaIf you would like to enjoy the splendors of the Salzburg region with smaller crowds around you, Saint Gilgen is a wonderful town nearby to set up camp in. Located on the banks of the Wolfgang lake, it is as scenic as they come and offers idyllic entertainments like ferry boat rides and spectacular cable car rides.
insbruck Austria at the Inn riverThe imposing Alps dominate the capital city of the Tyrol region. Their sheer size is hard to miss and whether you are stepping out of a museum, wandering around the cobbled streets, or lounging in a bar, they are rarely out of sight. While undoubtedly a hit with winter sports devotees, Innsbruck will also be popular with culture, nature and nightlife enthusiasts.
hallstatt austriaHallstatt's claim to fame are its ancient salt mines but go for the fairy tale appearance of the town if nothing else. Perched on the banks of a lake, the church spire rises high over the other rooftops and dominates the skyline while there is always a boat chugging lazily through the waters. The streets are cobbled, the greenery lush and the houses are as pretty as they come – you will be charmed by the story book perfection of this little town.
graz city hall austriaThe red-tiled rooftops are characteristic of Graz and lend the city a distinct air. While the palaces and beautiful landscapes are similar to large parts of Austria, this destination in Austria boldly claims distinction through the modern design of its contemporary gallery Kunsthaus and the unique artificial island built on the River Mur.

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