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Belgium – A Snapshot

flag of belgium belgian flagThis little country in Western Europe was a founding European member and recently celebrated its 175th independence anniversary. The country boasts four main languages of which Dutch and French are the most important and is home to one of the most complex political and government systems in the world. Brussels is also the closest the EU has to a capital and is also positioned as the seat of several other European bodies.

Destinations in Belgium


beersel castle brussels belgiumThe capital of Belgium, Brussels is fairly representative of the country. Home to disparate wonders like the Grand Place and the Atomium, it is truly a city of contrasts. Manneken Pis, the statue of a little boy pissing into a fountain, is formally the city treasure and the country’s love for chocolate is evident in the number of boutiques lining the streets. Beer flows like water in Brussels and you could spend your holiday working your way through over 400 varieties of brews available here.


Brughes is reminiscent of a city lost in time. Wandering its winding lanes, it is hard not to be charmed by the houses with vibrantly hued doors lining the streets. Many come here to admire the beautiful old church, to take in the medieval architecture or to take pictures at the lake flowing through the city centre, but even without all of those, you could come and have a wonderful time just absorbing the mood and beauty of this very, very charming city.
Waterloo Belgium
waterloo monument belgiumEvery summer, hundreds of tourists make their way to Waterloo on the weekends to witness a small reenactment of the famous battle of waterloo where the French Emperor Napoleon finally met his defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington. The spot also boasts a small museum relating the history of the spot and rendering details of the battle. Wily visitors can make their way here off season when the area is quietly deserted and the atmospheric battlefields alone will fire your imagination to bring the altercating armies to life.
antwerp belgium rubens statueDiamond capital to the world, the country’s second largest city leaves visitors in no doubt of its draw as a popular destination in Belgium. Antwerp’s architecture is gorgeous, whether you are looking at the medieval old city or the modern waterfront. The hip party scene presents an array of clubs catering to a dizzying range of musical tastes while the fashion is unbelievable for the sheer assortment of designers owning a storefront in a city this size.
ghent belgium old townIf you are looking for something off the beaten track, then Ghent is your prize. A graceful and imposing canal city, Ghent boasts a magnificent old castle, several cathedrals and a dizzying number of museums and historic building. A quite student town all through the year, visit Ghent during the Gentse Feesten festival to watch the city come to life.

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