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Things to do in Brussels

Apart from some wonderful sight-seeing, Brussels offers up some wonderful and unique eats and drinks to round off your visit. Indulge your gastronomical side and put the following on the top of your things to do in Brussels list.

Begin with some Belgian Beer in Brussels

Given the modest size of its geographical spread, Belgium offers up a bewildering range of breweries and beer styles. First timers will likely be overcome by bar menus listing beer options in the hundreds but try to get over it quickly and settle down to try out some of the most amazing varieties of beer you are ever likely to encounter. Be warned, Belgian beer is much, much more potent than any beer you would have previously encountered and is often bottle fermented so remember to re-set your normal capacity. For all beer lovers – A must thing to do in Brussels is to stop by Cantillon, the last of the traditional breweries of Belgium, to try out a 'lambic' brew.

Indulge in authentic Belgian Chocolate

Commonly known as the European Union capital, Belgium may well be Capital of the Chocolate world for chocolate enthusiasts. Home to brands like Godiva, Guylian, Cote-D’Or and many more, Belgian streets are lined with chocolate boutiques, catering to residents of a country which ranks number two in per capita consumption of chocolate. Prices go up with quality, so be prepared to shell out for those souvenir boxes for friends and family back home.

Pay your respects at Manneken Pis

The pride and joy of Brussels, this diminutive bronze sculpture depicts a small boy pissing into a fountain from a height. There are several legends surrounding the unique design of the statue, all unconfirmed, but the locals love him like their own and take great pleasure in dressing him up in varying costumes several times a week. His wardrobe is made up both of carefully chosen designs produced locally and of gifts from visiting dignitaries from around the world. Though he may not be your typical idea of things to do in a foreign country, a visit here will also reward you with several excellent economy cafes and chocolate shops in the surrounding area.

Tour the Old Town

Around Manneken Pis is spread out the beautiful Old Town of Brussels. Many will cover the Grand Place and the Town Hall and leave, but if you run out of things to do, try wandering through the cobbled streets of the surrounding Old Town. You may be rewarded by several small street markets, musicians and performers during the tourist season or can just soak in the atmospheric locale at other times.

Discover your favorite Moules-frites haunt

Served as a combination of Mussels and French Fries, Moules-frites may well be the unofficial national dish of Belgium. To blend in with the locals, eat the first Moules with your fingers and use the shell to spoon up the rest; instead of asking for ketchup, dip the frites into that sinfully yummy mayonnaise. Try this at a couple of cafes and bistros and you will soon have found a favorite that you will return to for the rest of your trip!

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