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A Guide to Destinations in France

french flag flag of franceFrance is a part of the European Union and the largest country in Western Europe by geographical spread. It shares borders with Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain and is edged by a number of water bodies including the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea. Historically, France has had a number of territories and colonies outside of the French mainland which has, over time, influenced its own culture, traditions and foods.

France Attractions

With its wondrous landscapes, classic architecture, rich historical landmarks and world renowned landmarks, France can be a demanding and rather overwhelming destination for the first-time visitor. Every inch of France is worth exploring and you will find yourself stumbling over unbelievable landscapes, a quite winery, a historic castle or a beach, wherever you visit.

paris eiffel towerParis, the French Capital is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world and exploring it fully alone could take a couple of weeks. Some of France’s most famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palace of Versailles are all bundled together in this one single region, making it the most popular destination in France.

The second largest city in France lies in the South of France, on the Mediterranean Sea coast. Many will come to the city to visit the beautiful Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, situated atop a hill and presenting a wonderful view of the city, to see La Paniere, the old town of the city, or to see the fantastic little villages carved into the rockface, but visit Marseille to experience its potpourri of cultures and very colorful way of life.

French Riviera
Sans any clearly demarcated boundaries, the Riviera is composed loosely of towns and cities dotted along the Cote d’Azur. The luxuriant beaches of Nice and St. Tropez specially are playgrounds of the movers and shakers of Europe. This is the perfect destination in France for people looking for a rich club life and a hip party scene.

Central France
Central France is much quieter overall, but is also possibly one of the most beautiful French regions, as illustrated by the Loire Valley. The region abounds with medieval churches and cathedral and the town of Chartres notably is a chief attraction in the area.

Eastern France
This region is where many of the well known French wines are produced. The landscape is characterized by rolling, green hills and abounds with vineyards. The Champagne region, bequeathing its name to the famous sparkling wine produced in the area lies close to the Belgium border and is one of the coldest areas in France. Chardonnay, Burgundy and the Pinot Noirs are some other famous products of the Eastern France wine region.

Western France Attractions
Western France harbors a strong sense of its Celtic ancestry and feels just a little distinct from the rest of the country. While this region also produces some famous wines, the area is more characterized by the craggy hills, fine beaches and charming seas-side towns.

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