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Athens Attractions - Then and Now

athens parliament buildingAlong with being rich in history, Athens, Greece, is also one of the grandest cities in the continent. All of its magnificence has well been put to display for tourists that has been drawing a sizeable amount of foreign travelers since many years.

Athens is the capital of Greece and indeed, one of the most popular of all European capitals. The city’s magnificence lies primarily in its overall look that has been created by the restoration of ancient structures, parks, upscale living standards, fabulous illumination and a hip and happening lifestyle. Moreover, Athens is highly regarded as the birthplace of European civilization as well as that of democracy and civilized governments. Back in its old days, Athens, Greece, boasted one of the most advanced lifestyle, civilized governments and finest infrastructure; something that became a role model for other societies around the continent. The city has an extremely ancient history, dating back to 11000BC and hence, boasts numerous historical sites which are amongst its most popular tourist attractions today.

Archeological Sites to Visit in Athens:

For the oldest findings in the city, the sites worth visiting include the Cave of Schist, a Mycenaean fortress and the cemetery of Kerameikos. This cave dates back to 11000-7000BC, the fortress is as old as 1400BC while the cemetery belongs to the Iron Age. Towards the classical era, Aristotle’s Lyceum, Plato’s Academy, the Acropolis of which, the Parthenon is the most dominant and renowned feature, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Roman Forum and many other sites stand in the city, ruined but worth watching. In addition to these, Athens also houses numerous modern landmarks such as Athens Olympic Sports Center and Panathinaiko Stadium which mark the prosperity of the city and celebration of modern architecture.

For Lovers of Art Galleries and Museums:

Art lovers would surely enjoy the National Art Gallery which is the primary art institution of Greece. It houses the works of not just Greek artists but also those of artists from all across Europe. These artworks belong to 19th and 20th centuries. National Gallery is also an interesting place to visit. For an insight of the past, Folk Art Museum and Cycladic Art Museum are worth visiting. Owing to endlessly old history of the city, the Greek capital has numerous museums but a few, most popular ones are National Archeological Museum, Kanellopoulos, the Benaki and Agora Museum.

Other Activities in Athens:

Apart from the historical sites and museums, tourists can enjoy many other activities in the Greek capital. Dine outs, theaters, parks, photography and sightseeing include these activities. Athens boats a fabulous nightlife scene and is an LGBT friendly city, hence enjoying drinks and dance here is truly an amazing experience.
Athens is a highly developed city and has been rated as one of the most expensive and richest ones in the world. It thus has numerous luxury hotels of which, the need arose from its huge tourism industry. From mid-range to 5-star hotels, Athens, has it all thus completing itself as one of the most perfect holiday resorts.

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