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A Guide to Destinations in Italy

italian flag flag of italyItaly – A Snapshot
A dream destination for artists across the world and an inspiration for fashionistas and architects, Italy is a favored tourist destination for myriad reasons. Every destination in Italy has a treasure to offer, whether it is the famous ruins of Rome, the canals of Venice, the fashion catwalks of Milan or simply an orgy of pasta. For a long time, art was considered the mainstay of Italy, but no longer, for the country has evolved far beyond into a multi-faceted touristic fantasy.

Notable Attractions in Italy

rome italyWhile the most recognized face of Rome is undoubtedly the broken facade of the Colosseum, it only scratches the surface of the many treasures of the city. The Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum and the wealth of art at the Capitoline are just a few of its most notable attractions. Each of these landmarks deserves several hours of lingering and you will find your many days of vacation melting away into nothingness as you tread the streets of Rome in a constant state of fascination.

leaning tower pisaThe architecturally flawed Tower of Pisa continues to draw thousands of visitors every year with its precarious leaning. Most tourists make a pilgrimage to the city only to pay homage to the tower but the city beyond holds several other attractions like a wonderful cathedral, a museum and some lavish botanical gardens, to name a few.

venezia italyConsigned to a life of gentle decay in the last century, Venice refuses to fade away and is a city constantly reinventing itself. Seemingly afloat on the canals that it is built around, this beautiful city is an engineering miracle. The Grand Canal is the main waterway and is flanked with the famous Renaissance Palaces on either side. While it has many famous landmarks to be admired, take time out to simply experience the hum of artisans, gondoliers, chefs and musicians, abounding in the city’s canals and alleyways. Perhaps the best way to experience this unique atmosphere, and make the most of your trip, is to rent an apartment near one of the many famous sights in Venice – St Mark´s Square, the Rialto Bridge or the Palacio Grassi.

milan cathedralA mishmash of commerce, fashion, art and sparkling nightlife may leave you wondering what face to assign the famous Milano. Financial hub and home to the country’s stock market, Milan is also the birthplace of several fashion houses like Prada, Versace and Gucci to name a few. Businessmen and fashionistas rub elbows during the day in the metro ways and meet in the evenings to party together at the fashionable clubs. The food is heavenly, the architecture breathtaking and the catwalks sizzling; only some explanations to what makes this one of the most favored destinations in Italy.

florence ponte vecchio bridgeIf art if your poison, you will have a hard time catching your breath in Florence. Full of museums crammed with masterpieces, you could spend your days travelling from one Galleria to another. While the magnificent form of David is certainly worthy of admiration, so are the city’s architecture and graceful squares. What can we say – take a deep breath and dive in!

Map of Italy

map of italy

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