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Fashion and culture in Milan

Milan is located in Northern Italy and it is the capital of Lombardy province. Europe’s most active and expanding metropolis awaits you! There’s a lot to see in Milan. The city owes its success to quick economic growth and it has become one of the richest places in Italy. Traveling to Milan has never been easier. The Milan airport is an important hub in Europe and low cost airlines are serviced here and at the nearby Bergamo airport too. If you choose the second option you may have to spend an hour reaching inner Milan. Check your ticket before departure! Also bear in mind that some, mostly Italian, airline companies service the city through Rome.

Milan is a real Mediterranean city with warm summers lasting from May to September. This is the most active time in the city’s life and most visitors choose these months. There are a lot of accommodations in different categories ranging from youth hostels to five star hotels. As a means of transport, use the metro network. Milan is also an important railway hub, high speed trains take you to nearby cities within an hour.

The very best of Milan Attractions

Every year millions of tourists flock to Milan to get an impression of the city’s rich art collections. Also, there are only a few places in Europe where you can see and experience so many things at the same time. The Cathedral is the symbol of the city since the 14th century. It took 600 years to build and its sizes rival that of Saint Peter’s. It is a perfect example of the finest Gothic architecture.

The Castello Sforzesco is one of Europe’s almost completely preserved citadels. It was built by the Sforza family in order to protect the city. The citadel is currently a museum. Enter trough the main gate tower and see some of Michelangelo’s and Leonardo da Vinci’s finest works inside the gallery. The Ospedale Maggiore was built in the 15th century yet again by the Sforza family. It was a true milestone in the history of healthcare.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a remarkable covered street with arcades designed by the best artists of the 19th century. The street is lit by sunlight coming through the glass roof. Nowadays it’s home to luxury shops and restaurants, cafés and bookstores.

It is highly recommended to try the best of Italian cuisine and local specialties. The cotoletta alla milanese is basically Wiener schnitzel, therefore some say that it was invented here but others think it happened the other way. Local salami and gorgonzola cheese is exceptional and well known in Italy. The risotto alla milanese is a local version of risotto with beef. Finish with a panettone, which is a sweet pastry with almond.

Outside the Galleria you’ll see the Teatro alla Scala. This opera house is the dream of every operatic singer. Milan is also the capital of fashion. Look for the latest collections in local stores. The price may be a bit high but you can be sure that you’ve bought a one of a kind item. Sports fans will enjoy the San Siro stadium. If you feel tired spend some time at the Sempione Park and relax in the shade of old trees. This is the Milanese way.

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