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The Grandeur of Rome Italy

rome italyThe history of Rome, Italy, spans as far as 14000 years but the highest documented records of its existence state back to 2000 years. Since its ancient days, the Italian capital has always been a major center for politics, art and culture and this trend continues to date.

Finely mixing numerous types of architecture with parks, gardens, fountains and aqueducts, Rome is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Usually, almost every tourist destination is termed as beautiful. This has not only made the term ‘beautiful’ a rather colloquial way of praising by lowering its meaning but also done injustice to destinations like Rome, Italy, for which, no words remain for description.

All restored, well illuminated and enthrallingly blended with modern architecture, the neoclassical, fascist, baroque, renaissance and medieval architectures of Rome are responsible for the incomparably grand cityscape of the city. The Italian capital is one of the largest centers of film, music and television in Europe and has a hip and happening lifestyle. Shopping and dining out in the city is quite a recommendation for tourists. The works of world renowned architects and artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Bernini and Raphael stand intact in this magnificent city to set it apart from the rest and maintain its undefined uniqueness.

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As told above, Rome is home to wondrous art and architecture which are visible in many of its streets. Garden terraces, sculptures, oak-beamed ceilings, fountains and unbelievably beautiful courtyards come to sight which otherwise, are overlooked. They are actually, worth watching and if the tourist is interested, certainly good for photography. In addition, watching the Romans go by is just another entertainment. Fashionably dressed up and known to be beautiful, the populace of the Italian capital can be quite interesting. Be it the tasteful way with which Romans eat or the erratic way, in which they drive, roman life can be fairly fun to explore.

Tourist Attractions in Rome

Rome is home to numerous squares which are locally known as Piazzas. The squares of Rome are truly a recommendation for tourists. These contain churches and fountains of which, the architecture and artwork is truly captivating and enthralling. The elephant statue by Bernini at Piazza della Minerva and the column of Marcus Arelius at Palazzo Colonna have been extremely famous. Trevi Fountain is a world renowned fountain, is included in everyone’s itinerary and should definitely be a part of it.

: trying out the delectable Italian cuisine is a must in Rome. Italy is renowned globally for having one of the world’s most scrumptious cuisines and no tourists should fly away from Rome without validating this news. Panino, the Italian sandwich, Carciofi alla Romana, the Roan style artichokes, Coda alla Vaccinara, the oxtail stew and Pizza a Taglio, the sliced Pizza are some of the dishes, worth a try.

In a nutshell, there is no tourist attraction that Rome, Italy does not have. From adults to kids to art lovers to partygoers and from heterosexual travelers to homosexual travelers; everyone can have the times of their lives in this ornate city, which will surely be memorable for them forever.

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