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The Awesome Mediterranean Sea

mediterranean sea at ibiza island spainThe Mediterranean Sea lies between Africa, Europe, and southwestern Asia. In Latin the word "Mediterranean" broken as medius and terra stands for the "middle of the world." As a sea, it is surrounded by the Mediterranean region, almost completely bounded by land and is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. Although the Mediterranean Sea is defined as a separate body of water, technically, it is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The reason why Mediterranean cruises are so popular, especially to the beaches is because they sail on some of the most beautiful shades of water, which is also warm and salty. In addition, the enchanting landscape and architectural and historical structures of the islands and mainlands give them an intriguing quality. Some of the rivers that empty into the Mediterranean Sea are the Rhone (France), Ebro (Spain), Nile (Egypt), and Po (Italy).

The historical significance of this sea arises from the fact that many Stone Age tools were discovered along its shores. Later it became the hub of the Roman, Greek, Mycenaean, Carthaginian, and Phoenician civilization.

From the perspective of tourism, the Mediterranean Sea's beautiful coastline, intriguing history, enjoyable climate, and varied culture has made it a popular tourist destination.

The countries falling in the Mediterranean region and popular tourist destinations are Spain, Gibraltar, Monte Carlo, France, Croatia, Italy, Bosnia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, and Algeria along with the island states of Cyprus and Malta.

The Great Mediterranean Sea and all it has to offer

The Mediterranean Sea has a treasure of exquisite islands, exotic ports, beautiful cities, quaint villages, stunning beaches, intriguing history, and rich culture. A vacation in and along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, its islands, and countries brings to the travelers an experience that cannot be completely justified with words. The Mediterranean Sea is all about emotions, grand sights, and abundant joy. It has many things to show to the travelers.

Sardinia, Corsica, Majorca, Sicily, Cyprus, and Crete are the six large islands that are always visited by tourists. In addition, there are other smaller islands in Italy, Spain, Greece, and Croatia. Greece and Croatia have more than thousand islands to boast of, and some of these islands are significant because of their own unique beauty, history, and loads of treasure.

For those who love to discover and re-visit history, Venice, Rome, Constantinople (Istanbul), Athens, Cairo, and Carthage are the places they must pay a visit to.

The Mediterranean Sea gives you the opportunity to go on year-long cruises, if desired, explore the amazing white-washed towns, endless islands, the ruins of the celebrated past that dates back to 6000 years or more, and get a feel of how the spirit of the modern man has developed through ages. You will also get to enjoy many exotic local dishes, wines, the climate, warm water, and welcoming Mediterranean people.

Vacationing and cruising in the Mediterranean Sea uplifts the spirit, and makes travelers see the world in a new light. It does more good to the travelers and yet doesn’t demand much.

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