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flag of montenegroMontenegro is a wonderful country situated in the Southeastern region of Europe right next to the Adriatic Sea. In this article you will get all the information on all the amazing landscapes and tourist destinations in the magnificent country of Montenegro and much more. Montenegro is a fantastic choice for holiday getaway. The country's scenic environment, beautiful beaches and clear lakes are a site to behold. The peaceful and serene environment is so relaxing and calming. Montenegro has constantly been ranked as one of the top holiday and tourist destinations in the world today. This is no wonder as the small Mediterranean country combines its history and cultural traditions, amazing weather conditions, fresh air, scenic nature and the blue Adriatic Sea.

Montenegro's coastline is about 295 kilometers. The country's beaches are some of the best in the world. Examples of some of these amazing beaches include Herceg Novi Riviera, Budva beaches and Kotor Riviera. Along the coastline there are also native cities which are springs of interesting cultural traditions and practices. The sea gives a clear deep blue color that is really beautiful while beautiful beaches offer a spectacular combination of sea, land and sun. Montenegro has about One hundred and seventeen beaches for you to choose from.

kotor bay montenegroAnother winning element of Montenegro is their climate. The country has quite a diverse climatic atmosphere considering how small it is. The climate is favorable almost all year round. Montenegro has various monuments that have become major tourist attractions. This include the Ostrog Monastery,Cetinje Monastery, Kotor Stari Grad, Sveti Stefan, Budva Petrovac, Kotor St Tryphone, Moraca Monastery, Savina Monastery and Piva Monastery among many others. One of the monuments the Kotor St Tryphon's Cathedral is exquisite. It is an amazing example to the roman architecture. The monument had been destroyed in 1667 but was later rebuilt.

The country also has amazing and numerous National Parks through out the entire country. Some of these parks include Biogradska Gora and Skadarsko Jezero just to mention a few. Most of Montenegro's natural forestry has remained untainted making the air and the atmosphere fresh and clean. Montenegro as a travel destination can also be cheap compared to other places and it is often easy to get a good deal from the hotels there. Montenegro is definitely a place worth going to and the memories and experiences there are to be treasured forever.

Montenegro is also a safe tourist destination since they have a stable government and the security is up to the mark. This scenic and breathtaking country should be on everyone's travel list. As a tourist in Montenegro it is important to that the currency they use id the Euro, Montenegro is a republic with Podgorica as its capital. The time zone in Montenegro is the GMT+1 timezone. The average number of days that are sunny in Montenegro is 240 days. After reading this there should be no doubt that Montenegro is the place you want to be the next time you feel like taking a vacation. So what are you waiting for go and discover this breathe taking land for yourself.

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