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Portugal flagYou can travel to many countries, but once when you come to Portugal, your heart will stay there. Portugal is a small but beautiful country, situated on the southwest of Europe. But not only this is Portugal, but as well two beautiful archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean – Azores and Madeira.

What is the most interesting about this country and its people is that the Portuguese are actually the oldest nations in Europe. Just to mention that it were the Portuguese who discovered a lot of new countries all over the world, including Brazil, and the first one to sail over the Africa, South America and Orient. Portuguese language is the third most spoken language. Even though Portugal is small, it made a lot of historical discoveries and changes to the world.

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. Lisbon has around 2 million habitants, and every year, during the whole year, the streets of Lisbon are full with tourists from all over the world. Lisbon is situated in the middle of the country, and the second biggest city is Porto, famous by its Porto wine. This city is situated in the north of the country.

THE WEATHER in Portugal
If you are one of those people who always like nice weather, then you must come to Portugal. As a matter of fact, here the winters are very mild, and summers are dry and hot. Add to that some of the most beautiful beaches, and you will have perfect holidays.

The north of the county is full of beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and some of the most beautiful natural parks in the world. The center of Portugal has a lot of beautiful and historic villages, each of them with some interesting and breathtaking story. If you like to see castles, you will be able to find hundreds of them, and see how people used to live in the ancient times. You will be stunned with the architecture that this country has to offer. Do you like beaches? Make sure to visit the Aveiro coast and see some of the longest beaches that you ever have seen in your life. The south of the country offers some of the most beautiful experiences – beaches with golden sand, surfing, canoeing, sailing, ballooning…and if you like danger, visit some of their safari fun parks, where the animals are out on free.

Whether you want to come here on summer holidays, on a romantic trip, short break, or just to relax, don’t forget to try some of their gastronomies, including excellent food and wine. Portuguese fish is considered to be one of the tastiest in the world. Just visit their fish markets every morning to see the variety of the fish that they offer. Don’t miss to try out their grilled fish, fish stew, bean stew, varieties of meat, and not to forget their olive oil. Each variety of food is served with the right type of wine such as Porto wine, Madeira wine, Wines of Ribatejo and many more.

If you like to experience new things, and at the same time enjoy your holidays, don’t miss out to visit Portugal, and discover some of its most hidden secrets!

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