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Pack your warm clothes because Russia has never been so open and welcoming like now. You can discover a whole new land its people. There are many options to choose from. City visits are getting more and more popular and there are a lot of destinations offering quality stay for a couple of days. Moscow and St. Petersburg are probably your best choice. These cities are serviced by most international airlines and tickets are relatively cheap. Book your ticket in advance to save money. Another thing to do in Russia is to travel. Literally, you only have to roam the country. This way you can see a completely different Russia.

The Trans Siberian Railway offers you an experience of a lifetime. The train goes trough Russia to different destinations on the Far East. The longest trip to take, lasts around 7 days, is Moscow to Vladivostok. You can see the vast Siberian plains and Lake Baikal on the way. Spend some time aboard the “vodka train” and make new friends. Once in Vladivostok you can see one of the largest ports of Russia. The other option is to take the train to Beijing and see the wonderful people of Asia on the way.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Here’s a short list of the best things to see. The St. Basil’s cathedral with its colorful towers is the symbol of Moscow. The nearby Red Square is well known for military parades and marches. The main gate of the Kreml is the Spasskaya with its 70 meters high tower overlooking the square. The so called Lenin Mausoleum built in 1924 and it’s open to the people since then. The nearby GUM shopping centre awaits you with popular brands and Russian products. The Kreml is the central building of Moscow. It can be seen from every part of the old town. It is the political capital of Russia. The Arbat Street is a part of old Moscow where Pushkin and Tolstoy used to live. On the banks of the River Moscow stands the enormous building of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour built by Alexander I and then rebuilt in 2000.

St. Petersburg is a city on the banks of River Neva, former capital of the Russian Empire. The most well known buildings are the Admirality Building and the Kazan Cathedral. Visit the beautiful Peterhof, former residence of the tsars. It is a giant palace, like Versailles, with canals and endless gardens. The Russian Museum has probably the best collection of Russian art available. Spend some time wandering around the Peter and Paul fortress on the banks of the Neva. Inside you’ll see the Peter and Paul cathedral with its high tower. Wandering around the old town it is easy to feel the Russian way of life passing by. If you’ve seen all of this, than get ready for even more since these are only bits of great Russia!

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