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Moscow, the glorious capital of Russia

The capital of the great Russia is a metropolis with the memories of an empire and the home of the newest trends. In the previous years the city has become a popular tourist destination and Moscow showed that the city can change for the better. The airports servicing the city offer a quick and comfortable way to get there. Adventurers use the Trans-Siberian Railway since Moscow is the starting or ending point of the tracks. It is a great way to discover the whole country and beyond. Huge distances require a lot of time though.

As of the climate it is continental city with the daily highest temperature reaching above 20 in the period between May and August. Winter is very harsh in Moscow with a lot of snow but the city looks wonderful in white.
If you decide to stay in Moscow for a while you should use the metro network since it has an extensive network. It stops at most sights and monuments. You can use the bus to get to the airport but an express train runs from the city center to Sheremetyevo airport. Choose and accommodation somewhere in the centre because suburbs are not very safe. Don’t go there if not necessary! Be prepared for high prices in the centre of Moscow. It is useful to learn the Cyril alphabet to get around easier.

Moscow Attractions

It is impossible even to count the number of things to see in Moscow but here’s a list of the very best. If you think of Moscow probably the first thing that’ll come to your mind is the St. Basil’s cathedral with its colorful towers. It was built by Ivan the Terrible in 1555 in praise for his victory to God over the Tatars of Kazan. The nearby Red Square is well known for military parades and marches. The main gate of the Kreml is the Spasskaya with its 70 meters high tower overlooking the square. The play of the bells is a wonderful music to your ears. The square is home to the Lenin Mausoleum built in 1924 and it’s open to the people since then. Sometimes the mausoleum is closed so look for information before you visit. The nearby GUM shopping centre awaits you with popular brands and Russian products. It was a marketplace before and basically it has moved in to the building.

The Kreml is the central building of Moscow. It can be seen from every part of the old town. It is the political capital of Russia with the office of the President of the Russian Federation located in the Senate building. Don’t miss the Ivan the Great tower with its bells and golden dome. The building is open to the public.

The Arbat Street is a part of old Moscow where Pushkin and Tolstoy used to live. The street is closed from traffic. At the end you’ll find the Ministry of Exterior, one of the Seven Sisters, historical skyscrapers of Moscow. On the banks of the river Moscow stands the enormous building of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour built by I. Alexander after the soldiers of Napoleon left the city. In the times of the Soviet Union it was demolished because the site was destined to be the base of giant Lenin statue. It was never completed and the site remained empty for a long time. The new cathedral is the perfect copy of the old one and it was completed in 2000. The Novodevichy Convent is also a famous religious monument, part of the UNESCO world heritage. Its central building is the Smolensky Monastery, which is a perfect example of 16th century Russian architecture. And this is only bit of Moscow. You have to discover the rest!

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