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swedish flagSweden is the best place if you want to see the historical cities and the magical forests of Scandinavia. This welcoming country is a great place to spend your holiday. Sweden is easily accessible from any part of the world. The best option is to travel to the capital by plane and then rent a car and make a smaller road trip or visit Stockholm for a couple of days. Sometimes distances can be a bit large, so be prepared for everything. The climate of Sweden is temperate and despite its northern location the seasons are quite mild. Pack some warm clothes just in case.

Things to do in Sweden

Let’s start discovering this great country from the capital. Stockholm was built on a dozen of islands that are loosely connected to each other. Bridges and boats take you around the bay area. The Gamla Stan is the historic centre. There’s nothing particular to see here but this is the place where you can see the oldest houses. Spend some time wandering the streets and enjoy the great local restaurants.

The Vasa Museum is a result of a strange experiment. Gustav II designed a warship by himself but it sank on its maiden voyage. The ship was salvaged from the sea and now you can admire it in the Museum. The Royal Palace is also an icon of the city. The Sweden is a very stable democracy but they still have kings as part of the tradition. The royal family lives here but you can visit it, at least some of the rooms. The Moderna Muset will be an interesting sight for the lovers of modern art. They have a collection of Picasso and Matisse.

Göteborg is another famous town amongst tourists. The museums and the port are simply marvelous. A Botanical Garden is truly fantastic. Malmö is famous for its fort and Malmöhus Museum. The city of Vadstena near the lake Vättern has a 15th century abbey with Gothic and Renessaince features. You can find the Bjalboattens Palats around here, which was the old royal palace.

Taste fine Swedish food during your holiday. Game is very good and they serve it with lingonberry jam. Pitepalt balls and gravlax are the best examples of Swedish husmanskost. It means something like home-style food. Mulled wine comes in handy especially in the winter. Vodka is a national treasure but enjoy it with responsibility. Beers are also delicious in Sweden, so don’t hesitate to order on to accompany your meal.

The island of Gotland got its name from the Goths. It is a very popular tourist destination and many Swedish people spend their holidays around here. Interesting natural phenomena are the raukur stones, which are more than 10 meters high and stand in the ground like fingers. On the island the town of Visby organizes a medieval festival every year. There are endless possibilities in Sweden. Discover the very best of the country!

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