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Stockholm Attractions

Stockholm is waiting for new visitors on every day of the year with a unique atmosphere and warm welcome. Hundreds of conventions, concerts and festivals offer magical experiences in this colorful city. Lacking long and sandy beaches Sweden charms you with a rich cultural heritage and relaxing adventures. Reaching Stockholm has never been easier. The city’s enormous airport serves thousands of flights from all around the world. Many low cost airlines are available too. The roads are excellent and driving is pure pleasure. The summers are short and mild but the sun shines a lot. It often rains so be sure to pack an umbrella just in case. Sweden is member of the European Union but uses krona as a currency.

What to see in Stockholm?

There are a lot of reasons to spend a holiday in Sweden. Let’s see a short list of the best sights!
Stockholm is located on a number of islands connected by bridges. Despite this fact there are a lot of parks and green areas. Stockholm’s center is the Gamla Stan. The sight to see here is the medieval city centre itself with the oldest houses of Stockholm. Spend some time wandering the old streets and visit the restaurants and cafés in this area. Long strolls unveil the history of the city. The cathedral is an iconic building of the district. In this large old town the Stortorge Square is the center of nightlife.

What to do in Stockholm?

As of culinary delights Stockholm is a great place to discover Swedish cuisine. Swedish meatballs, cranberry sauce and mashed potato are the most well-known delicacies. If you see husmanskost on a menu, it means different kind of home made food. A fine example of husmanskost is the pitepalt dumplings and gravlax, which is delicious starter. Roast meat and game is excellent too, and fish comes in a huge variety. Sweden is famous for its vodka but enjoy it with moderation. Local beers accompany your meal to make them even better.

The history of the Vasa Museum is really interesting. In 1628 II Gustav Adolf king of Sweden designed a ship to conquer Poland. Since the king wasn’t familiar with the basics of ship design the ship sank on its maiden voyage right in the middle of the harbor. Thanks to his lack of experience the ship was completely preserved and salvaged in 1961. It is on display to admire this magnificent vessel.

The prominent building of the City Hall stands in a wonderful park of Stockholm. Climb all the way up to the tower and take a photo of the magnificent panorama. Sit down and relax in the park for a moment in this piece of tranquility. The Royal Palace has a special place in the heart of Swedish people. The country is famous for its modern democracy but also keeps its royal heritage. The palace itself is wonder of Stockholm with more than 600 Baroque rooms and furniture. The royal family lives here but the building is open to visitors. Make sure you arrive in the right time to watch the change of guards.

The Moderna Muset has a huge collection of modern and contemporary art. The works of Dali, Picasso and Matisse are on display here. The museum dedicated some of its rooms to new forms of art such as street art and underground. This is a truly unique collection. Stockholm is open-minded city awaiting its visitors to discover the rich cultural life the city has to offer.

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