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With more than 170 years of experience, no wonder why so many people are using the service of Thomas Cook Group travel agency. Thomas Cook holidays are the safest way to book quality vacations for you and your family, thanks to this online-offline travel agency. This is a British company, and it was originally founded by Thomas Cook of course, back in the 1841.

Perfect Thomas Cook holidays can be easily booked even if you don’t live in England, because this travel agency has its branches all over the world – continental Europe, North America, Northern Europe, UK.
One interesting thing concerning this travel agency, worth of mentioning, is the fact that Thomas Cook is the main sponsor of two football clubs. Those clubs are Peterborough United and Manchester City. Also, Thomas Cook is the official Supporter of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

You must know that when you book your Thomas Cook holidays, you can be sure of a high quality holiday and competitive prices that this tour operator offers. You can call them by phone, where some of their staff will politely help you in choosing your next favorite holiday destination, or you can easily book your holidays online as well.

However, if you still don’t know where you could spend your summer or winter holidays, you can even download some of their online brochures, and run through the offers. This is maybe the best and easiest way to decide where to travel. They have around 300 travel guidebooks for more than 150 worldwide destinations.

You can choose among their big offer of beach holidays, cruises, ski holidays, family holidays, you can even see their offer of last minute holidays, or choose some of the all inclusive holidays offers or luxury holidays offers. They even offer wedding brochures so that you can choose from some of the wedding destinations and have a wedding from your dreams.

The best thing in choosing some of the Thomas Cook holidays is seeing their holiday deals. They always have a lot of late deals on sale, and maybe here you will be able to find some of your next dream destinations. But this is not all, because they have thousands of flight and hotel deals as well. And for you to feel even more secure during your vacations, Thomas Cook also offers travel insurances, and foreign exchange.

All you have to do to book your next Thomas Cook holidays is to visit their web site and provide some details such as - departure date, holiday duration, destination, board basis, and Thomas Cook will do all the search for you.
Booking holidays with Thomas Cook is very easy and the most important of all – safe. Think of your next holiday destination and check out the Thomas Cook offers.

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