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England Attractions - a Snapshot

united kingdom flagKnown for its eccentricity and quirkiness, England is famous both for the stiff British upper lip and its unforgettable comedies of the “Are You Being Served?” and “Mind Your Language” genre. It often seems like the average Englishman does little else than drink endless cups of tea and drone on about cricket scores, but you would do well to remember that his ancestors were responsible for creating the British empire, the largest and most powerful one in history, which extended to almost a fourth of the Earth’s surface area in sheer geographical spread. Evidence of this exists to date, in the museums abounding in the country, and in its people, who form a mixed bag of ethnic groups, religions and accents

Notable Destinations in England


big ban LondonFrom the second you exit Heathrow airport, everything ranging from the famous boxy London cabs to the picture perfect landscape will tip you into falling in love with the city.
The Thames flows through Central London and is lined on either bank by London’s most imposing icons like the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Big Ben. Tour the city’s magnificent museums by day and catch the best in theatre at the West End by night to understand why London continues to be tourists’ favorite destination in England.


ancient roman bath EnglandFor anyone familiar with the works of authors like Geogette Heyer and Jane Austen, Bath will immediately bring to mind a picture of Roman Baths and fashionable townsfolk strolling the streets arm in arm. A UNESCO World Heritage site today, Bath retains the history and architecture of yore while presenting you with several excellent museums, shopping venues and a truly breathtaking countryside.


cambridge englandMade famous by the Cambridge University, Cambridge is a town caught in time for it is best known for its medieval architecture and its advancement in science. One of the few tourist towns unspoiled by amusement parks or touristic entertainments, this destination in England is best known for its rolling greenery, imposing Gothic buildings, its unshakeable air of a college town and the varied festivals it plays host to.
The Lake District
lake district englandWith landscapes so beautiful, they became a muse to William Wordsworth, the Lake District draws thousands of tourists each year who come to fall in love with the incredible lake vistas and undulating mountains. You can walk, cycle, boat and paint to your heart’s content and will probably want to do it again the following year.


Famous for its unique pebble beach, Brighton is an excellent escape for people seeking sun and a beachfront clime. Though historic sites like the Royal Pavilion and Victorian gems abound, Brighton is more often sought out for its energy and hedonistic charms.
leeds castle englandAnother bustling student city, this is quite different from Cambridge. As the third largest city in England, Leeds offers up a delicious smorgasbord of historic architecture combined with wonderful shopping and clubbing. While in Leeds, do not miss out on making a quick stop at the nearby city of York which is home to the magnificent church, the York Minster.
Though a small country in size, England is crammed with things to see and do. The list above should get you started, but also remember to check out the equally wonderful Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Newcastle, Dorset, Cornwall and Norfolk.

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