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Experiencing culture with fun at Western Mediterranean Cruises

Are you one of them who want to experience the mixture of culture and traditions with fun and relaxation? If yes, then western Mediterranean cruises are the best option for you because these cruises provide you this chance. You might not know much about Mediterranean Sea and the countries through which the Mediterranean cruise passes; here we will help you a little.

The Mediterranean Sea is mainly connected to Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean region surrounds it. The word ‘Mediterranean’ is derived from a Latin word which means ‘inland’ or ‘in the middle of earth’. Europe is its border from the north, Africa from the south and Asia from the east. The complete are of the sea is 965, 000 square miles. It refers to some of the old civilization and being in the centre it has an important role in the politics, economy, trade, culture and traditions of the world through its shores that are connected to the three most prominent continents that are Europe, Asia and Africa.

While making reservations get the information about the countries the cruise will pass through. Let’s tell you about the major countries through which your western Mediterranean cruise will pass. These countries include France, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Gibraltar. The islands include the areas of Ibiza, Corsica and Sardinia. The cruise keeps the global cities like Barcelona in Spain and Peninsula as its starting points most of the times. The Mediterranean Sea touches the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Gibraltar.

Let’s suppose that your journey includes France the cruise will be on fantastic French Riviera, many other countries also are waiting for you such as Nice, St. Tropez, Monte Carlo or Monaco. And if your visit is in Italy you will pass through the, mesmerizing water city of Venice, Rome, Naples and Genoa. If you head out towards the south of Italy you will visit the largest and the most populous island of Sicily and will also have an unforgettable visit to a small island of Malta. Now as you cruise move further you will see Tripoli which is the capital of Libya this visit will also be very memorable as it is the most well maintained and preserved region of the Romans on the coast of Mediterranean. The mosques and their beautiful tombs are the specialty of this town. You will be mesmerized to see the old buildings with the new touches but their impression and basics are still the same. You will be able to peak through the walls of Roman and then you will be overwhelmed by the views as they seem to represent another world. Then your cruise will take to Africa where Tangier in Morocco would be waiting for you. Then, after some more alike visits to other cities or islands the cruise will head back to Barcelona.

This was a supposed voyage of a western Mediterranean cruise just to give you an idea about the ports that might come to its way.

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